Even though I’m a heathen, I have profound respect for the sense of order that Christianity used to provide in a non-globalized context. Problem is, times have changed, and its universalism has proved itself through and through to not work outside of an ethno-nationalist framework–what used to just be “normal” and not controversial at all only decades ago, even a decade ago. Ethno-nationalism, now it’s a boogeyman. Do you think the billions of China and India worry about “ethno-nationalism” at all? Especially in the context of the third-world, all they see an aversion to ethno-nationalism as is an invitation to leveling, being brought down culturally. We here see that as progress.

If you want to understand Jewish psychology–and they’re the prime manipulators of western christians so why wouldn’t you?–they have a need that they feel with every fiber of their being to convince themselves that the Holocaust wasn’t deserved. When you see them happy about the USA burning and the rule of law being tossed away like it’s nothing, that is what essentially drives them. They are still in a wave of history that requires proof that their holocaustianity religion wasn’t all made up, since, if Hitler actually was making a decent argument about them, that’s what it would be, made-up, everything they believe, make-believe. They want America to be leveled because that proves that Hitler really was wrong after all, and the Jews were the right ones. So let’s think about this with some realism- if the US turns into El Salvador where no one wants to live eventually, the Jews were the right ones.

Here’s an example I think will help you understand- the same people who want to abolish the police want everyone in prison freed. The only Law they believe in is Equalism, and once again its photo-negative hatred of white males. Their theology leads them to finding all prisoners equal and merely victims of ~white supremacy~. Didn’t using Floyd as their savior already demonstrate that to you? Cops should be illegal, prisoners should be illegal, in their minds. Because there is an “unequalist” bias in law. So that must mean that law-enforcers are not subscribing to the Law of Equalism above them. Therefore all cops should have their guns revoked, and all violent prisoners should be freed (all the better to have rabid baboons in the riots after all).

What the left isn’t able to anticipate. Your equalist faith makes everyone the same in your eyes now. In the next generation it won’t matter what your ideology was in this one. We will be stupider with your policies, we’ll have more crime and less demand for education, let’s put it that way. You can be good jewslaves and shiksas now and believe in universalism, it doesn’t matter. Imagine the idea of “having faith” that some violent criminal in prison can be saved if only you believe in them. I don’t have faith in brown people, jews, or women, you’re all people who’ve proven you shouldn’t have a vote. “We’ll get revenge on him and prove him wrong!!!!” Yeah I know, and next generation will be stupider, with more crime and less demand for education. That’s what the third world is, and what you’re all trying to be about. And what makes me even more critical of your humanity is that you read the things I say and can never directly respond, because you have no rational argument, because you’re the half-brain you are, and so you continue to bring us closer to the third-world anyway, you’re people I really respect.

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