DARPA‘s working on something scary, why does the military get to have all the fun

Remember when I messed with you the other day with this?

We have our answer.

So why do I say this is scary. Do I even have to say. Using bugs to edit mature human beings?!

This is what the whole plot of Change Agent is about

From a 2016 DARPA article

Breakthroughs in agriculture… breakthroughs in culture

“Bill Gates and his Globalist Bug Army”

Apparently there’s a technical term for these things – Horizontal Environmental Genetic Alteration Agents (HEGAAs). I still haven’t watched this season, I didn’t want it to ruin the earlier ones for me, maybe I should watch it

In the right hands, this technology wouldn’t be so bad

Scientists with syringes? How old-fashioned.

>when it’s too late

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