I want to understand people down to their molecular level, is that so wrong? I would like to know about their cellular information, and how someone’s atoms are correlated with their personality traits.

Why would many people fear that? It isn’t a mystery.

“You found the gene that demonstrates how I’m inextricablylinked to corporate bidding, we need to make sure that never happens, you found my peasant gene, “

Only if you read the above with some kind of distress. To some, that doesn’t cause distress. To the people who aren’t irrationally afraid of genomic technologies, that’s just a statement like one you’d find in the future New York Times. Does that even exist anymore by the way, seems like the MSM is fading into obscurity.

Heed my words or not, NYC and LA are going to be seen as the opposite of progress within two years from now. “You all decided to collect together and believe in that, and it just didn’t work, we realized it would only lead to global lobotomy.” All the strivers are sulking because their dream of being a slave of the central banks is, just not something a decent person would believe in for money. “Bezos is our guys, because how could we survive otherwise? Zuckerberg! Team Zuckerberg!” So thankful that isn’t me. If you’re team Zuckerberg, I can’t even laugh at you, I only feel a sadness that seeks to prevent you from following that channel. What’s important to remember is that there’s a connection between the plutocracy and a lack of education. They exist and survive through paying people off, rather than through convincing them. If you align with the corporacracy you are trying to survive like any pathetic terrestrial creature that prefers money over knowledge.

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