It’s clearer and clearer to me that hating Trump was never about the wall or about Mexicans, they’re too abstract for the left to really care about until children are in cages at the border. It was always about African-Americans in this post-slavery context. For the last century and a half we’ve had to deal with the problem of what to do with them now that they’re here. We’ve tried to “make them white” and that’s been somewhat possible with some segments of their population. For the most part though, in the face of our recognition that they can’t be made white, we’ve resigned ourselves to the policy of “being nice”. The idea of the wall, of not wanting certain brown foreigners here, is just a step or two away from dropping the N-bomb, and that’s essentially what Trump and his supporters have done, however indirectly, however much “exoteric Trumpianism” has “done for African-American employment”, that bomb has been dropped, by half of the country, and everyone’s felt it, hence all these riots, all this more or less indiscriminate arson and vandalism that is carried out with absolute impunity. No, it was never about Mexicans, it was always about the ones already in our own country that even the sweetest, kindest leftists with the purest hearts could always subtly sense are worse than Mexicans. So, 150 years of “What to do about these people who are worse than the ones we rather keep on the other side of the Southern border?” Making them white with programs and policies and ideologies doesn’t work, being nice doesn’t work, being so nice you let them burn the country down doesn’t work- you know what might work? CRISPR might work. The current faux-solutions of the US for the post-slavery problem are just forms of procrastination, leftists and browns don’t care about enacting real change, which only genetic engineering offers, they’re too worried about being canceled by their fellow zealots and bioleninist dirtclods-in-denial to speculate about solutions that might actually work. A century and a half later and we finally might have an idea about how to help them “escape the jungle” and no one wants to hear it. Something like CRISPR is what the Union was fighting for, if only they knew such a technology could ever exist.

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