I don’t think that guy I linked to earlier is a schizo. At least after a day of going through his posts, it would take a lot more than a day to sort through all the info.

Usually people might get a “schizo” feeling about some of this, and not post about it because they don’t want to seem crazy, “tinfoil-hat wearers”, etc. I just don’t care, there’s more than enough evidence out there that the covert agencies have classified electromagnetic technology we don’t know much about. I don’t know, you tell me- read the post here and the replies, maybe it is all a hoax? It gives me “schizo” thoughts alright when I’m reading this stuff, and as a phenomenologist I try not to write these thoughts off altogether. If that post and the replies intrigue you, that one I mentioned earlier goes into a lot more details, over the course of years, on the subject, and he substantiates many of his claims too, which is the eerie part, also not to sound even more schizo, he was in a car accident recently. Anyway, enjoy non-consensus reality!

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  1. Although a consistent symptom displayed by all of these unfortunates is the inability to write in coherent English, those instances where what they’re saying is actually intelligible evince the classic signs of paranoid schizophrenia.
    Yes, some of their posts are amusing – particularly that Indian whose servant informed him that two people had entered his flat during the night and given him a handjob – but these people are clearly experiencing terrible mental torment and one can only feel sorry for them.


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