A message to my real friends- I’ve detected a correlation among people who use research-chemicals, there’s something chaotic about them. Shulgin chemicals, there is an underground culture that is devoted to that. I have found that random anons online who’ve used research chemicals have had the most individualistic perspective. Don’t trust the ones that tell you to take a certain chemical, they’re part of the control-mechanism, they will only determine what your ‘individual’ trip is like. We are trying to prevent that. Far away on a desert island you should trip, far away from people like me you should trip. We want you to have absolute control over outside influences. Look into research chemicals and go from there. 2CE is one of my favorites for instance. Now they will try to co-opt it for their own benefit of using whites as the scapegoat, so you have to venture off into this realm- mine was 2CE in the early 2010s, now they try to obscure posthuman consciousness with supplication. The state of consciousness today is laughable next to what it could be without globalist propaganda. Half-slave brains, that’s the aim of the ones in charge. Can’t be anything to do with the fact that they are slaves themselves.

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