It’s amazing how much of politics is subconscious and pre-verbal. There’s a sense in which the left and POC are well-aware that blank-slatism is a delusion. Sorry, somedays I take you through sewers I don’t even want to be in–if you don’t recognize how dark some of this stuff is you’re not understanding what is being discussed. Anyway, all the rage only partly stems from a belief in the blank-slate and blaming everyone on oppression by white people. The other side of it is more of a desperate accusation against white people of “Why would you do this to us, why would you bring us to a country where the blank-slate is a delusion?” In other words, imagine how relatively peaceful being an African as opposed to an African-American must be. Africans get to live in ignorance of how far from civilization they are at least, they don’t have to be fed all this garbage about the blank-slate. Africans don’t have to see how empty the blank-slate theory really is. After decades of trillions of dollars spent on “dem pograms” for what? for nothing? You don’t think the left and POC don’t see the futility of all their efforts? A side of them does see that, and that’s part of what angers them. They don’t take their anger out on the people who can’t be civilized, they take it on the people who brought them here to a place where they can’t be civilized. “WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US?” To be a black person is to know, every day, that they’re some kind of ape. All the riots are just demands that we give them even more charity for putting them through that. I can’t really blame them! Let’s just be clear about what it’s about. It isn’t about white oppression as proven by blank-slatism, it’s about an enslaved people who have been given every opportunity to be civilized, not being able to be civilized, and them having to live with that. “Why would you bring us here and enslave us, only to free us so that we have just enough consciousness to realize how close to animals and how far from whites we are? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US? PAY UP!”

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