This is the closest thing I’ve found i/r/t the Shulgin connection

Stoners are stroking their chins going, “What if we, say, edited weed to be more psychedelic, Li?”

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, this stuff is going to change our lawns too?!” Anything with DNA that can be improved, and everything has DNA and can be improved. Controversial idea, I know. All biologists and ethicists agree, they just hesitate to put the two ideas together.

“No I want to refute that, there must be one thing that can’t be improved, there must be one perfect lifeform on earth!”

There is- the girl reading this.

Back to the Shulgin connection though, I’m not exaggerating when I say it’ll probably be a couple decades before this… well, unless we speed up the process somehow. Let’s go with one of my favorites, 2CE, again

We will be able to eliminate all the negative sides of tripping, theoretically! We might be able to isolate precisely the “mysticism” part of the chemical–above referred to as “profound life-changing spiritual experience”–and even edit out all of the more trivial features like visuals

Eh that’s take it or leave it in my opinion. There’s no gif for mysticism otherwise I’d post one heh. Further, we could create the perfect “entity contact” entheogen, we could buffer against demon-contact, only allowing for angel-contact. Many implications with the Shulgin/CRISPR connection.

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  1. The chemical most consistently associated with profound mystical experience is 5-MeO-DMT.
    Minimal visuals and maximum mysticism –


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