We need spies in Yi Li’s courses

Modern-day shamanism. Only scientists know what Shulgin is going on about most of the time

He says all kinds of enigmatic things like this.

The remaining four possible DMMDA’s have been left to that famous time, a future rainy day.

Could we edit peyote somehow to create new phenethylamines, that is one of the questions that most intrigues me. Even Peruvian Torch has seemingly infinite possibilities.

I feel quite sure that the answers may be known in the near future. There is a surprisingly large number of inconspicuous chemical explorers out there all over the world, doing their synthetic thing in their private laboratories. They are truly the astronauts of inner space.

Oh yeah, we can’t forget this either

With Peyote itself, the initial taste of the crude cactus is more than just foul; it might better be described as unbelievably foul.

Human genome project? Look, they already have about 50 plant genomes mapped

Okay, now you’re thinking!

To give you an idea, some nicknames for Salvia divinorum include Leaves of Mary, Sage of the Seers, Diviner’s Sage, Diviner’s Mint, Magic Mint.

However, this serves as the perfect example of what I’m talking about, because I would not suggest you try salvia, out of all psychedelics I’ve tried that I can think of in fact, that is thee one I’d tell you not to do, because the negatives of the trip have outweighed the mystical features in my experience

If we edited out the negatives though? The thing about salvia is that it’s as powerful as DMT. I’ve known some people who didn’t have overly-intense, terrifying trips with it like I have, so maybe it’s just me. There must be a way to eliminate any possibility of that though. For instance

Five years after its invention. What will be possible ten years after?

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  1. Yes, salvia’s a strange one. Experimented with it quite a lot when it was still legal in Britain and mostly found it maddeningly confusing rather than mystical in any way.
    Still far less dodgy than the dreaded datura though.


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