This is the most scientific take I’ve found on what psychedelics do.

The reason I have the freedom to criticize our overlords is because I’ve first learned how to criticize the overlords of my own mind. This article has a few recurring technical ways to describe the experience that sound about 1000x more rigorous than your typical erowid report, not like that’s difficult

“priors” = presuppositions. Most people tell themselves they can do this naturally, or that all they need is to read Descartes’ Meditations or some postmodern spin-off and this couldn’t be further from the truth, that’s just your brain lying to you, I can tell you with 99% accuracy. If you think you can undermine the highest levels of your brain you’re just underestimating yourself, your brain is good at what it does (preserving its most dearly-held beliefs). You can learn from these experiences of “forced dysregulation” of the highest control center of your brain to dysregulate it consciously without any help, and from there consciously try to dysregulate the highest control center of society, ideally.

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