Wut. This is crazy

They do not want the plebs to understand the gravity of this technology

Can do it with militiorrhiza, can do it with divinorum.

Okay, this is just getting too weird now. Went ahead and googled “peregrine falcon crispr” just for shits and giggles and

Nothing too out of the ordinary? Wait, let’s look at the next chapter

So you’ve joked about “making catgirls real”? I don’t think the writers of Our Animal Connection: What Sapiens Can Learn from Other Species are joking in the least bit. Incidentally, nor am I when I say I wouldn’t mind splicing with certain creatures.

Oh no, now if people think I’m a furry I’ll never find a hausfrau


#I’mnotreallyafurry #I’mnot #WellIguessit’suptoyourinterpretation

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