Do we really need to negotiate with PETA about this?

PETA, BLM, same energy

Within a few years if all goes according to plan most of these chimps will be “retired” to sanctuaries

That means our most pragmatic research creature is going away. If I had my way I’d be using black criminals in our prison-system for experimentation who are otherwise tremendous wastes of money. What are chimps from that standpoint? If we were serious about finding cures for disease that’s what we would be using. “Don’t you mean who? That’s who we would be using?” No I don’t mean who, go to a loony bin. In this pathological political climate I don’t expect to convince many of that. So let’s go with our next of kin after chimps, rhesus monkeys, oh wait

In contrast

China is moving in the opposite direction from us. This is one of their ostensible motives

That also seems to be what George Church’s lab in China is primarily concerned with. You know that isn’t what I care about here- we could however use this to guilt-trip people that can’t see the potential advantages of enhancement. “Defective hearts” (whoops that might trigger certain people) is a more immediate concern for most, might need to use that to justify animal experimentation. They use farm animals for what is known as xenotransplantation. Notice farm animals aren’t exactly known for their brains, unlike chimps. This is in line with the prevailing culture of the body of our time. We’ll need to use our closest ancestors in CRISPR experiments if we want to cognitively evolve as fast as possible.

That the West doesn’t do everything in its power to most rapidly find the cure for cancer is an ethical mess, STFU. Then you can wonder what’s worse, cancer or stupidity, and if stupidity is a kind of cancer- I’d say yes.

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