Finally found a pdf of Dugin’s Political Platonism, which is banned from amazon, if that’s your thing.


This began to escalate significantly in 2016, I wonder why.

Meanwhile–you’ve got to be kidding me!!

This must be an intentional joke or taunt. At the top of their “Banned Books 4 Sale” list is a book about book-burning. Next on the list, better get that edgy banned book by a, you guessed it, black woman, since yknow, anti-racism is the counter-culture. What’s next on the list? Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, give me a break. They don’t let their caged birds sing at amazon. Scroll through for yourself and have a laugh. Imagine all the fools that will be duped by this list. In a hushed whisper- “The taboo reading list…”

Back to that book of Dugin’s though, when you ban something with chapter titles like this it’s not a good look

1. The Philosophy of Politics

2. Deconstruction of Democracy

3. Political Platonism and Its Ontological Bases

4. Traditionalism against Devilopolis

5. Plato’s Relevance for Russia and the Platonic Minimum

6. Christianity and Neo-Platonism

7. Heraclitus and Contemporary Russia

8. A Conversation about Noomachy

9. The Existential Theory of Society

10. Thinking Chaos and the Other Beginning of Philosophy

“Yeah, put Fahrenheit 451 at the top of the list!”

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