I’ve been searching for that Hehenberger Animal Connection book all morning and–besides an interesting excerpt on potential ways we could splice with the hummingbird I was temporarily able to access–so far nothing. I did find that site linked to in the previous post though and there’s a pdf of Suarez’s asteroid mining novel there. He’s planned it to be the first of a trilogy so he must strongly sense that it’s a “near-future” reality, as that is his genre. Also an excerpt from Evola I’ve never been able to find anywhere else- so 24 of the 309 pages have been translated from the Italian, I wonder if they want this book hidden? This is the book that Mussolini liked so much that he invited Evola to see him. I bet five years ago you never would’ve expected to be reading a post that mentions fascism and mining in outer-space in the same breath, and be able to intuit how they may be connected. Life throws curveballs at you that way. What could be next? Well see ya later, I might discover that soon, I’m having a sperg-out on this new ebook site I found.

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