How often do you read a line like this?

Nothing important, just the diametrical opposite of the belief most cherished by the majority of those who populate the world-power in chief.

Chapter 21 of this.

Just goes to show how hegemonic it all is, the rarity of writings on this theme. How can we expect to develop an alternative belief-system if essays such as this are so rare? Think of how many odes to equality there are in print (directly or indirectly)… then, you have this sole essay on the contrary opinion. Yes, “sole” isn’t an exaggeration, I’ve been researching this for years. The only ones who mention the inversion of equalism are Straussians, and the instances are scattered about–whoa imagine that, an entire book on the opposite of what most people in the West believe, not that! Publish my writings and you can have that, any takers eh? –cricket chirp cricket chirp

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