One problem right off the bat I anticipate with this tek is it’s going to throw off our class-rhythm. Marxists are like Joy joy! Yeah you’re not thinking about it enough. If we have a society of Michelangelos it’s going to make work–i.e. being a human-machine against your will–even worse than it is now for the non-Michelangelos of today who are Marxists exclusively because they hate work so much. You think you have it bad? Imagine if you were Da Vinci working in a factory, that would probably be unfathomable suffering, knowing what you could be doing with your free spirit that must be lowered to the level of mere mechanism most days. For this reason I think it would be prudent to develop tek for automated labor alongside genetic-mod tek, and not to let the latter get too out of control before we figure out how to make all of labor AI-based. Heatlamp at Wendy’s went out, none in the supply? Shouldn’t even need a human to have to call to get more bulbs to the store. Imagine being someone with the creativity of James Joyce having to call about ordering a shipment of lightbulbs for Wendy’s. By the way, at that time in history Wendy’s will be serving only the finest tenderloins with our CRISPR cows to replace their burgers, the cow of the future will be the size of the stegosaurus and will be made of nothing but tenderloin. -Chinese voice- EASY! Anyway, without our political climate I’d expect all orthodox Marxists to fall in line behind this plan instantly, as we’re basically talking about making everyperson not only upperclass, something beyond even that (what would you consider Da Vinci?) Advances in CRISPR without advances in automation seems to have a high risk for chaos and unprecedented ennui, could possibly even undermine the talent of the crispr-children – would they use their genius for crime? I don’t even want to know what ten million with the potential to write Notes From Underground with a mean-streak from being confined to cubicles would do.

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