This will probably be seen as a milestone by future historians

They only did it about a year ago. They’ve subsequently managed to albinize a few other species. This has certain anti-globalist implications we don’t understand over here, our pity for the world having normalized the appearance of the turd races. Isn’t like that everywhere, as I’ve mentioned before

A “human-whitening patent” is going to emerge one of these days. There’s something about this that borders on a national security threat to China. Because it starts with skin, and next they’ll be wondering why they don’t modify whatever it is that leads to them copying the inventions, science, and culture of the West.

Anyway, I found those lizards because I’ve been googling the animals in that Hehenberger book, another interesting idea I found from looking up the komodo dragon-

You thought there’d be flying cars in the future? Pff. This is still navel-gazing next to what else this tek could be used for. Navel-gazing that arises out of fear.

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