I’m, probably like you, just learning this incredibly convoluted science as I go. Doudna is talking about a disease that can be caused by only

I didn’t know that’s all it took, 1/6,000,000,000 being off

… being “incorrect” – interesting word-choice. Can’t imagine it’s easy to avoid quasi-eugenic phrasing in this field. Just one of those…

Wait wait wait, white-out, that looks eugenic, think of it this way instead, gentle reader

This book on the subject was only published four months ago, and it’s already so much better than the other one I linked to yesterday that was published six months ago. Here are the chapters to give you an idea

Only a matter of time before we figure out “the correct letters”

“There’s no such thing!”

So what’s a disease then?

Incorrect letter or letters.

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