I’ve been I guess you could say “studying” certain people for a while now, who are aware of the various ideas I talk about here, many anons even and many not, and I feel I’ve got a pretty good grasp of the inner-workings of your psychology. None of these people are working for the Department of Defense, that I know of at least (who knows, really), these are just individuals who live in the same society as me who are not beholden to any outside power, I’ve been watching you, and I know what makes you tick. I bring this up because, when I apply my understanding of these “freelance individualist” anons or otherwise I know of to people who are working in the so-called innovation center of the DoD, I can only expect that they should be fired as soon as possible. I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, I’m just trying to be objective for the sake of science when I say that from my observations, only a few people in the internetsphere should be working at DARPA, Land and some others who I won’t name. Most on the periphery of the right, or if you prefer, the “masked left”, haven’t given me many signs that they should be in those DARPA labs. Too much all-too-human bias. Only a very particular kind of person should be working in that sector of the Department of Defense. You can just rule out credentialed experts and PhDs from the get-go. If even various anons I know who have nothing to lose consistently demonstrate all-too-human instincts and traits there’s a high likelihood that the bureaucrats enmeshed in the DoD are doing even worse, and we could never know, because it’s not like they have social media accounts where they are free to “be themselves”. If even anons are constrained to the beliefs of the state, the corporations and banks, what do you expect of these people at DARPA?

“What could we do to improve?”

Probably nothing. Nothing improves the anons either and you’re in an even more impossible place than them.

I’m not trying to be cruel, think of it in terms of neuroplasticity. Brains can only be reshaped to a limited degree. If anons can rarely do it, DARPA drones certainly can’t do it, that is my thesis. And if we care about national security then we will think about revising the ostensible “innovation center” of the Department of Defense.

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