Interesting that it was in St. Louis that that couple was defending their property with weapons.

Leftists couldn’t answer my questions in my post on that city without risking either status-suicide or looking like a fool (“Yeah I’d move there, why not?”) so they have to do the ol pass it over in silence maneuver. If you want to understand how that couple got to that point though this will shed some light on it

Before you freak out about the injustice of this, try to keep this post in mind. You can think about the situation coldly or not think about it at all- bringing former slaves into your school is going to lower the quality of education for your children. Looks like St. Louis did it anyway, being the nice whites they are

By the way, if you want to learn more about the history of this, they had me read this book at uni (it was totally irrelevant to the class I was in too, so it goes in Amerikwa I guess), it helps explain why there’s so much crime in this part of the US, among others (NYC, Cali), “The Great Migration”

Anyway, I think the following is what the “peaceful protesters” really want, though they might not be able to articulate it


It isn’t easy to have a non-emotional discussion about this with most Americans. Alright, I’ll state the case bluntly- Do we OWE these former slaves ANYTHING? They have a better quality of life than if they were living in Africa. Poor as they might be here. I’d like to hear a rational justification for why we should have to deal with former slaves in our schools, I certainly don’t want my future kids to have to be in any proximity with these people who are statistically proven to be incapable of cognizing basic high school math, and let’s not even talk about their ability to read. “Sorry class, we’re reading picture books in AP senior english so the blacks can keep up.” I suggest you scroll through the replies to the twitter post I linked to above about how people tend to look at the idea of eliminating programs for gifted children for the sake of third-world former hut-dwellers.

This is all very recent history

Jee I wonder why they’d have that perception, it’s almost like they’re approximately the same people they were then 30 years later

In 2016, NeighborhoodScout released rankings indicating that East St. Louis had the highest murder rate of any city in the United States, a title it has since held every year.

The attitude of the left is that white people “deserve” to have violent criminals and borderline retards in schools with their kids because they enslaved them. Who enslaved them, Northerners?

Interesting juxtaposition of rankings here

The worst place in America (or pretty much anywhere else in the world to live) and they spent the most out of anyone. “If you don’t spend 100 billion more we’re going to burn the rest of the country down” – is the intrinsic message of BLM, is it not? What good did all that money do in St. Louis?

Genealogy really helps you understand the surface of current events

I’m sure that armed couple in the news is well aware of this history. “We tried to help them, and now look, on the other side of the Mississippi river is the most murderous place in the country.”

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