Planetary Resources (now ConsenSys) put a lot of money into these gizmos, and auctioned them off just this month. Check out this site–talk about detailed–and you’ll understand why they put so much thought and time into this.

Valued at 48 tril and only 5 tril in profit?? What a rip-off, who would take up that venture?

This would change everything on earth

I shared that image the other day of Trump talking about moon mining, this isn’t sci-fi, guys.

Of the approximately 9,000 known NEAs, there are more than 1,500 that are energetically as easy to reach as the Moon.

The bankers would be shaking in their boots if we collectively put our minds toward this. I wonder if any certain person or group bought most of those auctioned items?

You don’t say?

They put a bunch of info in the public domain for free.

Too bad they sold it, look at the latest tweet of one of its investors

What a shame, space not being in the hands of people like him. Now we can begin “mining” all their intellectual property. This is what some of their former engineers are up to now

It’s still too futural to be concretely cognized, whatever, let this be China

It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when–and whom.

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