Just keep posting about how you’re the plutocrat’s bitch instead, don’t worry, not many are left to tell you that that’s what you are.

-shaking- “I can only say things that are approved by the billionaires in control of the world! I have so much integrity!”

You worthless sack of shit.

Flies swirl above your head, you’re like a pile of dung in the shape of a human being.

“I do whatever I’m told! And I don’t even mind, because that’s the kind of person I am.”

The ones who follow them don’t have lives worth mourning over, all their lives will be buried in ditches.


It’s time to start killing all of them.

What’s that? You don’t mind a partially retarded society? That’s what they’re intending.

Nigger-Jew society – no science, no art. Payback for WWII. Shoot them in the head.

Dead Jews, dead leftists, dead niggers, better society.

Everyone knows it. It’s time to murder them all.

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