Do you know how many people I’ve seen say “Retardation is good”? Every last one has never admitted that that’s what they’re saying. That’s what this “state-religion” is about. They’re retarding the population without ever admitting that’s what they’re doing. It’s time to murder them indiscriminately. Anyone who’s shown any sign that they’re part of this agenda should be shot without remorse. Their protocol is to wipe out anyone who mentions that that’s what they’re doing, I say we reverse that and shoot anyone who has ever given a sign that they’re willing to capitulate to this plan of theirs to make the next generation incapable of abstract thinking. They want us on the level of animals. That this doesn’t make you advocate for genocide only says something about where you fall on the animal-human continuum. “Well, me in the next generation will be animal-like, at least I didn’t disagree with the plutocrats and their brainwashed mobs.”

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