Talking with an Ecuadorean today, he’s telling me all about Central America and the drug-trade there. Says the cartels own the mountains in Colombia and if you go up one of those don’t plan on ever seeing home again, they’ll kill you and bury you, unless you have a friend who knows them like he did, he got to see their “kitchens”, says everyone there knows the US government owns them (the coke trafficking business). Said El Salvador isn’t even worth googling, it’s the worst of the worst, they’ll bust your door down and kill you for $100, then he says they’ll even kill you for your shoes. Then he tells me Montanita, Ecuador is nice, the people there are friendly and won’t eat you. Says this casually. I ask “Eat you?” He says yeah if you go too far east into the jungle they eat each other, and if they find you they’ll eat you too, cannibalism is all they’ve ever known. Anyway, that would be funny if that’s true that the coke-trade is formally operated by our government and that you’d learn about that if you were able to talk to people far enough into the mountains without being killed, that it’s just basic knowledge there.

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