It’s nice to have a normal conversation once in a while, even if it is with a “low IQ individual”, what it’s true, the Ecuadorian is still a cool guy, so sick of posting hypothetical quotation-mark conversations “Are you really? Why is that?” I learned a lot about South America from him that is useful for not only political reasons. Since I’m here though… It surprised me that he, and apparently various other South Americans, find it insulting when people in the states expect them to be Mexicans, because they think of Mexicans as “country bumpkins”, when I said “rednecks?” he exclaimed Exactly! I want to know more about this. This is the country we share a border with after all. We have a few -allowed- stereotypes about the Canadians, and the ones about the Mexicans are swept under the rug. In Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Chile, not so much, at least he says, this is just one person’s anecdotes so I’m not trying to universalize here, he just seems well-traveled and a lot more familiar with S. America than any N. American I’ve met. Strangely I find myself less guarded with POC, like with that Nepali I’ve mentioned too, they’re more realistic about certain things that whites just have a tacit pact to speak politely about (I finally made an antisemitic joke with one white I know the other day and he laughed nervously, and it was feigned and.. difficult to describe, a lot psychologically going on there, and when I did something like that with the Nepali you could tell there was a lot less of an unnatural mental filter). Anyway, this Ecuadorian even hinted that it isn’t unusual to be “racist” about Mexicans among non-Mexican Latinos, they’re seen as, in his words, stupid, lazy, with no ambition, and prone to being some of the most prolific drug-smugglers in the world (not the kind of drugs I tend to talk about here mind you). He says that meth is the new thing, and there are lots and lots of meth labs in Mexico now, and that just adds on to the cocaine that is brought in from Colombia. He says a lot of this meth goes to Florida and New York. He told me lots about this business actually. Am I being a rat for this (in the pejorative sense? maybe, I just prefer our country be overrun by dmt-heads rather than meth-heads). I’ll have to read some scholarship about all this eventually, once again it’s just nice to hear a friendly Latino guy tell me about his first-person experience instead. If you don’t research what goes on in Central and Northern South America you would never understand why Trump would have made the wall such a prominent issue. Look into it yourself, I find it really interesting what’s going on “down the block from us”, as it were. These aren’t enlightenment drugs like the kind I talk about. Mostly they seem to be used as a form of proto-wireheading, i.e. it’s for euphoria, it’s hedonism. Something else I found interesting about the way he talked is, the various South American countries started to seem like subspecies of human beings, and you know I just love that subject. Chileans for instance he said are really strict about drugs, to an annoying degree apparently. In Ecuador you can give the customs dude five dollars and he’ll let you through with somethin in your suitcase, not so with Chile, they’ve taken different precautions, probably I surmised because they border Bolivia, which he says is so poor it’s depressing because so many children are starving and you feel like you need to hand each of them a dollar. Bolivia also is the place, at least according to him, that the cocaine “is made”, something about paste, I’ll have to find out more about that. There must be a “system” that one can’t fathom without much study going on in these countries

Western Brazil, that’s where many of the uncontacted tribes live, I wonder if there’s some connection there. The lawlessness that connects Colombia and Bolivia. Another thing that struck me was that he kept mentioning the US government’s involvement in this system, as if to say “You don’t know that, bro?” I ask him what we could do as a solution to fix Mexico and Colombia and he says our military should invade. I mention Vietnam and how they knew the jungles so well they had an advantage and he agreed, and also said that they don’t have an incentive to do that because they make so much money from those drugs themselves. Eh something I’m going to have to research. Just peculiar to me that we put so much focus on Russia and China, and don’t typically know much about these countries that are so close to us geographically. When you hear some of the horror stories he tells about these places “the wall” makes perfect sense. A few South American countries seem to understand that a lot better than we sheltered “Americans”.

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