He also said that certain places of S. America are -203u5 and since there are Jews who read this blog there’s no reason to clarify exactly where I think those places are. “Make sure no Whites survive, we must exterminate all the whites” – say people who you shouldn’t just shoot in the head at every opportunity even if it means a prison sentence (we’ll free you). Murder Jews and we’ll let you out eventually. We need to start a trend, I mean, what better trend to try to start? Anyway we discovered that the Human Genome is one thing and all humans are the same, except white people shouldn’t have a say this time because they might tell us that Jews have a predisposition they can’t control to be spiteful about all the countries they’ve been kicked out of, what is it, over a 100, I lose track? Any response, good jew friends of mine?

Any response, Jews?

No response, must have been an exaggeration, they were probably only kicked out of 90 countries throughout history. So, I only express a genuine wonder- why were you kicked out of those countries, dear friends of mine? Not answering this directly is probably tied to why you were kicked out of those places, you know, it’s about an inability to state the truth, a monotheistic dogma that Christians were able to understand when you were too lost in your old ways, and now it’s catching up to you, my dear Jewish Friends.

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