Any progs want to join me?

“Heh heh no thanks 😅”

How sad is it that the US is even on this

Notice how no European or Asian or Arab country is on there? They see a chart like this and pity us for having cities like that.

Anyway, Colombia is the country that intrigues me today. How accurate could this even be?

“What’s even wrong with cocaine, you’re no fun.” It’s a gateway drug to meth and fentanyl. Want our 16 year olds snorting lines at a party? I don’t particularly. Certain adults, if they’re able to pass a test, should be able to buy it, if you ask me. This is just pure chaos

It’s not all just from Colombia

I wonder how Ecuador is nestled right in there. If you think back to this post, this is another prism through which you can narrow down ideal South American exit locations. For instance, there might seem to be some nice qualities about Ecuador, then in light of this you’ll start to wonder how precarious it is. “Well wouldn’t I want to live CLOSER to the cocaine? That’s where it’s happenin'” That’s also where there’s no difference between government and cartel, and where all the police are paid off. You think our cops are bad? Alright let’s go backpacking around some of those regions, should be fine, right?

Want to know what stands out to me about the following in light of all this information

The fact that between the two “places of civilization” i.e. the USA and Eastern/Southeastern South America, there is this area of lawlessness. In other words, why couldn’t it be that Argentina was our Mexico?

When you add the square miles of Mexico and Central America together, Argentina actually has slightly more land. Why can’t we have Argentina at our Southern border? We wouldn’t have had to worry about a wall if that was the case. Just a thought-experiment. Imagine if we only needed a wall where Southern Panama is to keep the Colombians and Venezuelans out. Nope, instead there are hundreds of millions of human filth that separate two areas of civilization

Think I’m being harsh? Then let’s go backpacking around some of these countries without doing any research. “Heh heh 😅”

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