I wonder what Brazil could be if it enacted the right policies

Australia is 2.97 million mi². I do have to conspire about these countries on its periphery

A continent of a country like Brazil, and you don’t think there are shady handshakes going on with the ones at its borders? There are Brazilians getting rich from this trade too. See, if I had a normal blog I could expect South Americans to reply with insights about this, and since I don’t I have to stick with paltry “research” of documents. Just a hunch for now- if I had to guess, an outsider would have to study the history of these countries for at least five years before they could speak on the matter with authority. It just seems obvious to me that Brazil would be stupid to not use its power to absorb a good deal of the wealth that these countries at its periphery rake in.

When you see these numbers don’t you wonder about the state of the world, where it’s going?

How many of these people are even capable of freewill? Communist Party of China, Poverty India, Cathedral US, Islamic Indonesia and Pakistan, Nigeria Goes Without Saying, Brazil ? Might Be Hope There, Islamic Crowded Bangladesh, Russia ? Might Be Hope There, Mexico LOL, etc. and that’s over half of the entire world’s population right there. How many of them have a quality of life that allows for intellectual development? Not many, and let’s not even speak of the other half of the world’s population. Singapore is only at about a population of 6 million and they are arguably on a wiser path than the rest of these, and yet, what is 6 million, next to soon to be one and a half billion? Who actually cares about increasing cognition in the world today? “We want 160 IQ genius citizens” – who in the world actually has that explicit goal? No one. The US is the opposite, “We want 80 IQ citizens”. At least Brazil seems to be moving in the opposite direction of that, there might be hope there. For now it seems there is an ideal place to exit the US or Brazil- Southern South America, just not too Southern unless you’re cool with the cold

Some call Argentina the Paris of South America- I wonder what Brazil could do to claim that title for itself? In the meantime, Southern South America I suggest the exit-enthusiasts study for prime locales.

Not too Northern, not too Southern, just right- the Goldilocks zone of our own planet

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