Yesterday we solved the mystery of the left’s irrationality, it all makes sense now, and it’s all connected to crime. While I’ve never been one of those people who think IQ is everything, I still give it a lot more respect than the average lib. They can write that off. What they can’t write off is crime. That makes them crazy, it drives them up a wall, because it’s such a “gotcha”. If you think about the type of crime I was giving you the statistics on yesterday, their excuses for that just make them look like fools or worse than fools. Let’s formalize it, the left supports meth-dealers and meth-heads, slinging heroin and shooting up.

Does anyone know what Biden actually stands for besides “Trump is bad”? At least Bernie and Bloomberg actually seemed to have some kind of platform beyond that, even though that was the lowkey idea driving their campaigns. What are the democrats in light of this, if Trump represents the idea that meth is bad? Democrats apparently are the meth party, the heroin party. That’s what all this goes back to. It’s impossible, after all, to show me any tweets of Trump’s that are actually racist. And yet he brought about this crisis in the national psyche from saying he’s going to build a wall to keep all these fatal drugs out of the country. This is why the left is caught in a web, and all they can do is pretend that the numbers aren’t real, because if they say the numbers are real then they might as well be as racist as Trump, and if you’re as racist as Trump you might as well be racist as people like me. So instead of being as racist as me, they’d prefer all the meth and all the heroin of Mexico to freely flow into the country, no matter the consequences. Do you know why? I’ve already told you before. Black Lives Matter is closely bound up with this idea of the wall, this idea of these dangerous drugs, and this idea of crime not being something that’s as easy to write off as IQ, test-scores, and historical inventions. The reason people are willing to vote in someone in a walking coma like Biden who stands for “Trump bad” and nothing else is because if you agree with the need to build a wall to keep the meth and heroin out you’re implying that there’s something intrinsically inferior about Mexicans and Latin Americans–namely that they’re lowly criminals who don’t care if our teenagers here turn into junkies and overdose–and if you believe that about those on the other side of the border, do you know what that means? It means you make that racial judgment about the criminals and the people who tend to be criminals more than others who live on our side of the border. And in the exact way that leftists would prefer the country be loaded with all the worst drugs from Mexico then ever be racist about Mexicans, leftists would prefer all the criminals be released from the prisons and be on our streets then ever be racist about African-Americans. This is the definition of insanity. Rather than being racist, the left would prefer there to be no law and no law-enforcement in the country, they’d prefer murderers, thieves, and drug-dealers walk our streets with impunity. And if you saw some of their reactions to that gun-toting couple in St. Louis, they want all those criminals to be able to vandalize and rob and burn down the houses of nice neighborhoods too, because “that’s what white people deserve” apparently! because that’s “peaceful protests” and what about it? Anyone who wants heroin on our streets, anyone who wants ghetto niggers shooting people for their wallet or purse, is a criminal themselves. This is the dark reality of the left. If you deceive and rationalize crime and the criminals who carry it out that much, you’re a criminal yourself, and it would be in line with justice to treat you like a criminal.

A story that makes me laugh is of a dad who kept seeing shady drug deals at one spot on his block in a bad part of my city so he put on a paintsuit and mask and climbed the tree above where they’d do it and one day he dropped down with a baseball bat and beat the shit out of the two, clobbered them over the head with the bat, and knocked one unconscious, while the other ran off bleeding, didn’t call the cops or anything, and he never saw them again. I think we should start doing this only with guns. A time of vigilante justice, where we treat lowly criminals who sell heroin in your daughter’s neighborhood the same as we treat leftists who make every excuse for why these people should get away with doing that. Cave a leftist’s head in today! Shoot a leftist today! Unless you want to let me know how you rationalize how they’re any different from criminals in light of all the above information? Ah, you can’t, you don’t have a response? So what should we do about these people then? Criminals walking the streets, criminals writing for newspapers, the media is its own kind of heroin-slinging not to mention. Yup, I wonder what we should do about them.

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