I wonder if we could use this idea from a 1960 satirical sci-fi novel as a springboard

If anything can glue the asteroids back into the planet they once were, magnology will do it.

That’s one theory about them, that they were once one planet.

This is a deceptive artistic representation though because if they were all glued together they’re only equal to about 4% of the Moon and 22% of Pluto – and yet, think of how much they’re worth. So the crazy idea I’m pondering today is, what if we could somehow use a supermagnet to pull them all together to make it more convenient for mining? The largest ones are Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, and Hygiea, and would be most difficult to “pull”–or, just speculating, somehow slow down so that others run into them–and these four alone constitute half of this “rock swarm”, so what if we just focused on the “2% of the moon and 11% of Pluto”, which if glued together would be approximately equal to Pluto’s moon Charon?

What if we were to magnetize all those ones in the light blue together? Just trying to think of ways to make it easier to mine them. I mentioned before that many of their appearances are deceiving because after smashing into each other for billions of years they’re nothing more than rubble piles held together by gravity

Is it possible to create a Charon-sized rubble-pile? Smashing all the rubble and well-constituted rocks alike together would make it easier to mine too, because then you don’t have to dig so much since everything will be so fragmented

There might also be a way, from there, once we have this rubble-pile worth hundreds of quintillions of dollars (obligatory muhaha moment) to more easily extract the most valuable minerals from them, i.e. imagine a condensed “rubble ball” of pure platinum, that could be toted to earth

Or let’s not even think about that recently discovered mineral that’s harder than diamond

I can dream, I can dream. A system of robots and supermagnets… I hope this is pissing some Chinese person off right now- “Oh you want to condense dem arr togedder for yourselrf?” Maybe I do?

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