Just clapped a fly dead, they better work on their evasion logistics, yep you better believe I examined its entrails very closely.

In other news, found a 2017 article that actually confirms one of my paranoias

Wow I was thinking this exact thought before I read this

“While the psychological barrier to mining asteroids is high, the actual financial and technological barriers are far lower,” the report said

It could be possible to break down that psychological barrier before the bankers, globalist CEOs, and the rest do, and then it’s over for them. One of the problems is that the left keeps us caged in a mindspace against them, and that probably isn’t impractical given that we’re fighting for survival, so it isn’t easy to free our minds up for higher-order thinking that isn’t in the service of responding to the left’s monthly insanity brigade. I try to balance it out- if more of us did, then that might be better overall for survival. Then we have this to worry about too

Ye Peijian, a deep-space exploration expert at the China Academy of Space Technology, told an “asteroid exploration forum” that 900 space rocks zoom past Earth every year.

Remember how I was recently studying Chinese social media? They aren’t lost in politics over there, they’re able to put more focus into this kind of stuff. While it would be possible for the West to bootstrap itself out of its technological slump, the pessimistic truth is that we probably will need another Sputnik to invigorate us. Even then, with all the anti-racism in the air, we might see another country pull off something groundbreaking and say “Good for them, hopefully they go beyond us a hundredfold, anything to defeat white supremacy.” These kinds of people just don’t understand the eternal return. This attitude reminds me of if one of the tribes of our ancestors sparked a bonfire, then quit innovating from there because they didn’t want the other tribes to feel bad, meanwhile another formerly backward tribe moves on to invent a lantern. “Good for them, at least they have the best technology now” – what kind of reasoning is that? Such is the twisted religious mind of the typical heir of the occident. I don’t see the Chinese as a people to be “nice” to, let alone as “our friend”, I want a boot stomping on their face, ideally forever. Just because we have multiculturalism in our own country doesn’t mean others are multicultural outside of our country- this makes us vulnerable.

This is the kind of question to ask if we want to beat the bankers and the Chinese

The third category here is near-term thinking. The abovementioned psychological barrier makes all of this too distant to cognize- the first two categories are exceptionally distant so let’s stick with the platinum metals for now.

We need to figure out which rocks zooming by earth soon are rich in the

Theoretically, we could use these mined metals to fund expeditions farther away, too. And that will bring us closer to those two other categories which I discuss here.

And all this, of course, so we can escape humanity.

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