“Critical Race Theory”, that’s kind of a funny name for a discipline when you read it here, right? I actually did study the canonical texts of that at one time as a naive liberal and I simply departed from the orthodoxy- I’ve remained a critical race theorist. It’s similar to the old priesthood in that they kept people out who had too many anxiety-attacks when confronting higher levels of knowledge. The priests of the left don’t want POC to know about those levels because they don’t believe the non-western world is ready to hear about it. As much of a cliche as it’s turned into, the idea that “dems are the real racists” should really be talked about more, it’s key to understanding the subterranean dimension of politics. You’ll be fired for violating this priestly oath of course. From the perspective of one of the most canceled people in America, I have to tell you that there is something degrading about that attitude toward POC. You’re going to hate this example and I’m going to say it anyway because it’s accurate- the way they try to beautify African-Americans today reminds me of the way they used to lift their lips during the slave-trade to show that they were blue.

Never mind that 78% of American slave-owners were Jewish (look it up), let’s just pretend they were all “white people” doing this. That is where today’s politics hearkens back to, this primal scene. The left can be seen as those who seek to prove that no human on the face of the earth is so low that they should be treated as a farm-animal. Well I mean, that’s how Jews treat goys so? Detecting a hypocrisy there. Anyway, everything today boils down to saving them from the hit to their self-esteem caused by this

Virtually everything they do is to redirect the narrative so people think this was unjust.


I’ve never heard the other side of the story, have you? All these confederate statues being torn down, do you think there exists a person in this country who states in any book or any MSM channel that the Southerners were right? Of course there doesn’t, that’s a joke. This is just more proof that your opposition is all in your imagination. I and only fewer than .01% of Americans actually raise questions about this. When I hear a negro’s rap song I have to say, I do wonder if they are not much different from farm animals. And “they” only try to normalize this as what good art is. People who create that are better off as farm animals, and the ones who support it are only our new slaves and slavemasters. “You will pay for realizing that many races are closer to animals” is the basis of today’s left.

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