You probably get sick of me talking about the “state-religion”, well, do you have a better name for it? I will tell you what it is, and how it has infected both the right and left.

Not to brag, I’m the only one I know of who tries to bring the Übermensch into existence.

It doesn’t look good when I see people only symbolically express that that might be a good idea, then directly say “We need to care about the savages of the world!”

The ratio is always extremely telling. Zero Übermensch posts, and ten thousand posts that genuflect to the opposite of the Übermensch. Will you explain this to me?

Make one Übermensch post and maybe I’ll respect you as a person.

Mostly it’s leftists saying we need the opposite of the Übermensch and rightists saying “the leftists are wrong!”, never anyone saying that we need to create an Übermensch. Why is that?

Go on, make one post that seeks to go beyond present humanity and maybe I’ll see you as a real person.

After all this time, I can’t expect that, most are just too far gone to do even that, even on the ostensible “right”. It’s sad to watch.

“How would I even begin to address that?” A life of study is a start.

Again, I wonder, where are any of the pro-Übermensch ideas? I never see any. It’s always the left saying they want the opposite, the right saying no, and no one actually upholding the affirmative that the Übermensch is a good idea.

Something about money here I suspect. Bring up the Übermensch and you’re instantly canceled. Imagine the culture we live in, where you are given positive reinforcement only when you make statements about how the opposite of the Übermensch is a good thing. How glad I am that I’m one of the only ones not part of that process. Seriously! Does even Moldbug mention the posthuman? No one even wants to bring it up at all because it devastates the left which is controlled by the uneducated mob. Bring it up sometime, and maybe I’ll finally have respect for you.

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