Another mystery, Earth’s formation

We didn’t have to travel to the asteroids, they traveled to us.

According to their calculations, about half percent of the material in the mantle was added by those meteorites.

“That sounds like not really much, but it’s about 300 billion billion tons of material,” Willbold said. “All the precious metals that we find today — and probably also water — have been introduced to the accessible Earth from these late stage meteorites”.

If we want more precious metals we don’t have to wait to be pelted with them anymore, we can go to them.

We still don’t even have any direct evidence of what our own planet’s core is made of, and people still say it’s the “end of history”. Aliens are laffin at us for this.

Due to their “iron-loving” properties, platinum-group elements (PGE) are expected to be stored in the Earth’s core. Although very low, at a few parts per billion, PGE concentrations measured in mantle-derived rocks are too high to be in chemical equilibrium with the core. The “late veneer” model offers the best explanation for this paradox—it postulates that a flux of primitive meteorites hit the early Earth after core formation had ceased.

We can “dig to the earth’s core” by mining in space, ironically.

While you’re all living in mudhuts I’ll be spending my weekends in my moondusthut after a week of mining

I’m not waiting around for a meteorite shower or to dig to the earth’s core for precious metals, I’m going to go get them, and probably build a dome on one of the trillion dollar sites while I’m at it.

From my frontrow seat on my lunar base I’ll probably send one of these at you just for fun

Now that’s what I call highbrow entertainment

I’ll be using my supermagnets to pull a bunch close to my dome

Maybe if I like you enough I’ll let you set up your own style of dome on one of them, and if you pay a high enough tax I may even let you magnetize it closer to your frivolous home-planet

Anyway, more about these so-called “iron-loving” metals here.


Like Earth, some asteroids also experienced differentiation, concentrating HSEs into cores of their own. Some of these asteroids were subsequently fragmented by collisions in the evolving solar system; exposing core material.

Onward to the Earth’s core (which happens to be outside of the Earth)!

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