Top of the list, pat yourself on the back why don’t you

I’ve posted a few times now about the need for wikipedia itself to be disrupted, and even on this very wiki page there is evidence to bolster that claim

I wonder what would be on this list if it had not been made by the “volunteer editors” of globalistpedia.

Isn’t your first instinct to be skeptical of the grounds I would have to question that? Isn’t your first instinct to presuppose that wikipedia is objective? Well, I’m glad for that since one of my pet-favorites is second on the list! I can think of a couple that are left out however, and a couple that are on there that the reactosphere has thoroughly rendered dead, you can use your imagination. Even in the context of posts I’ve made over the last few days, how does “Open Borders” look in that context? -stroking chin thoughtfully- Yes, the booming meth business. Or in the context of Europe, yes the booming errr Islam business? Or if we think of overseas from Africa, yes the booming lobotomy business, there’s lots of money in lobotomy and cultural-leveling…? Whatever, I’m just going to exploit wikipedia’s sorcerous objectivity-seemingness to say See! Wikipedia knows about the potential of asteroid mining too. Who would trust a crew of Colombian miners though? And – don’t say it don’t say it, that makes them hate you too much – women miners ahahahahaha Suarez’s novel is expectedly vibrant so far by the way, it is written by someone with a name like Suarez after all. I’d just like these people to put their money where their mouth is

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