Lately I’ve been concluding that the Zoo Hypothesis best explains the Fermi Paradox. They see us like we see those uncontacted tribes in Vale do Javari

The main thing you need to grasp is the infinity of the universe which can’t be understood. Planets that don’t reach a certain stage of evolution are seen as–well, how do you see the people above? A synchronicity I heard the other day was, if you pronounce “alien” in a Chinese accent it sounds like, ?

Only planets who are able to get beyond that aversion are worth being contacted, among the others in the infinite universe. I just imagine an alien bureaucrat examining our planet for a split-second and shaking its head thinking, “Another one with the spirit of leveling”. What would an advanced species do in such a place? If you want to get rid of Aryans, I wonder what you’d think of a species that is beyond even them. They don’t want to waste time here when there are so many other planets to help that have moved beyond that primitive stage. All those peasantbloods, and other junglebloods, I have no sympathy for, the only ones I find worthy of having a conversation with are beyond humanity. None of you leftists would even be prepared to speak to such a being, you can’t even “talk” with Nietzsche and he’s a mere human being. He’s their tester, he’s helped show how futile of a species you are

Leftists claim to listen to minorities and they can never address the minority of rightists who see them as indistinguishable from tribalistic savages. We and the “aliens” laugh at you. We’d like to help you, it’s just, well, look at you. Fermi’s Paradox explained.

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