Not much in the way of ethnographic information to report back on the Haitian unfortunately- noticeably duller than the Ecuadorian, though who would’ve guessed that? Panning for gold in a river of pure silt, like many accounts I know of. All those days amusing Artxell with a thoughtful response must have actually paid off, because it’s so easy to read “Artxellians” like a book now. It isn’t just browns either, it’s women too, even ostensibly conservative ones, they all just want you to lie to them and pretend history isn’t real and everyone has the same mental potential as everyone else, just wait! give them free stuff and all of a sudden, like a miracle, voila, and all-female crew in a spaceship isn’t a laughable absurdity, shoo now, you’re a leftist, go away now, join your unclean brethren who demand more than what they deserve. “I don’t think this is a ‘get laid’ set for you, Bill” – oh, you think, what else is new? “You need to believe in us!” I don’t believe in you, 99/100 deserve a vote and that’s it. If you don’t see that you’re part of the same problem that this Haitian represented for me today, likening his people to a starving dog that is going to bite if you don’t feed it, his version of dogfood being precisely three billion dollars, to rebuild the country. What evidence is there that that would help them? Same with feminism, we’ve been putting so much money and energy into that in the West and all we have to show for it is a bunch of worthless whores. If you don’t understand how that’s a problem, well, it’s probably because you’re part of the problem yourself. Go on, prove me wrong, write a great american novel, feminists. I know you won’t, since all you’re capable of doing with your feeble, vindictive, and self-centered minds, is doubling-down, and leading us toward a country that is more and more like Haiti and in need of hand-out like a pathetic beggar. We’ve been treating you like equals for how many decades now, and what do you have to show for it? From what I can see in my generation at least, there’s lots and lots of failmoms on the horizon, and when they’re told that they only enact that reliable stereotype which they can never accept, which is that they’re irrational and incapable of reason, and then they simply amplify the leftist nonsense “to prove a point” – yeah, you do prove a point, that 99/100 of you don’t deserve a vote. Be the 1 out of 100 that does.

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