Provisional definition of “Religion” – be away from everyone, including yourself, including your heroes, for five minutes a day.

“The Buddha was away from them for 23 hours a day.”

Good, if you can do that, you can create a breakthrough.

The people related to the earth, even Jesus, even Buddha, there is something worldly keeping them there. I’m kept there too, have I ever tried to deny it? Traditional religions, leftists religions, those who try to escape them. What I’ve been trying to do is give some an idea of a way to have an individual perspective away from any of that. Five minutes in a place that doesn’t think of any other humans on earth. Are you able to do that? To think about the highest reality in neither cathedral or anti-cathedral terms? Five entire minutes alone wondering about this. “Forget that, I’m going to meem on social media” So you don’t believe in something that judges all of social media? Judges me, judges you too. What is that? What is the most important reality? If you could name two of its tenets what would you say?

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