Another maverick in the field

“In theory, for diseases where primate models are not good enough, making human–monkey chimeras could provide a better model of brain diseases, for example in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, where progress into definitive treatments has been slow due to poor disease models,” Izpisúa Belmonte stated.

I swear they must hide a lot of potential search results, because this seems like something I should have found months ago. This is from less than a year ago

He’s the same person who’s working on this, so do you forgive him?

I’m sure graying Doudna has never thought about something like this, never once

Nothing about it in her book at least, so it must mean she’s never thought about it!

No, you don’t understand, he really, really likes computers and math – he’s a child prodigy in fact, coincidentally. Just kidding, I don’t know.

Izpisúa is doing his experiments in China because the regulation isn’t as strict- apparently it’s not cheap either

“If we combine the human/pig, human/rat and human/monkey research, it is many hundreds of thousands of euros,” says Núñez.

Neither would I say it’s errrr normal?

Then again you’re not normal either are you?

No no you’re not an experiment in a lab, just relax, lab mouse. We’ve just been running some tests, you’re free to leave any time you like

Just trying to creep you out

This is some of the realest progress taking place in the world today–that can’t so easily take place in certain countries, the US being one of these–and there are psychological barriers to get past

You don’t want to be even reminiscent to a Muslim in superstition do you?

I will incite them and they will effect a change in the creation of Allah. And he who takes Satan as a friend besides Allah has certainly suffered a manifest loss.

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