The chimera, blasphemy of blasphemies!

Nothing that scary actually

Actually this is kind of scary

No this is seriously real

The potentialities–not to mention realities–of this never cease to surprise me

More in the human realm I’ve been thinking of ways to formally tweak the S.M.I.²L.E. formula. S.M.²I.²L.E. for instance- not only space-migration, how about supermodel space-migration? And then S.M.²I.²L.E.² – not only life-extension, uhhh I’ve been scrolling through hundreds of synonyms for penis and can’t quite find the perfect word, “lizard”, no… “liverwurst”… definitely no, you get the idea though.

And feminism is already implied in intelligence-increase. Going with the theme of chimeras, some kind of WASP-lioness so to speak

Genetic-modification is the most pragmatic feminist praxis. Most of them just can’t accept this because it would mean departing from their cherished blank-slate and erasure of history. If you want emancipation you’re not going to get it through policy alone. Unless! it’s a policy to do with CRISPR-enhancement.

Globalists have their own idea about the creation of chimeras ya see. I would like one to elaborate to me about how their idea differs from the human-monkey embryos mentioned in the previous post, go on. It’s essentially a debate between different types of chimera. With the globalist side you’re losing intelligence-increase, space-migration, probably life-extension too, given what you can probably infer from the following image

Everyone is going to have to suffer if we want to get to the next phase of evolution. I suffer too, you can believe that. With the globalist’s strategy there will be infinitely more suffering. Allow me to use an image again I posted earlier today to explain my argument

What kind of suffering do you think a people like that goes through? Giving up the blank-slate delusion is nothing next to that kind of suffering. Day after day I offer you an alternative to this destiny that the West is on its way to, and most aren’t brave enough to take it up.

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