As much of a full-spectrum idealist I am, on a personal level I’m content with a lot less. It’s really the principle of it that I try to make explicit. Do I need a blonde genius to be happy? No. If you want blonde geniuses to die or not exist anymore that’s a different story, and that explains a good portion of the left. It just reminds me of a question I asked a few of my old professors- “Is your wife a philosopher too?” and they consistently told me no, and that different people have different roles in your life, that you have your friends for philosophy. I’ve always been fighting against that idea because I’ve wanted the best of both worlds you could say. Nonetheless I’ve been faced with the evidence again and again and again now that there’s not a high chance a woman is going to be philosophical, so those profs have ended up right, as much as I fought them in my own mind.

Unless you know of one who is an exception to the rule? Be my guest, give me some hope in the world. The most typical ensnarement it seems to me is the quasi-philosophical ones finding freedom in the social justice movement. If you put into question whether the browns of the world will lead to living in huts it necessarily incinerates the social contract that allows them to believe that women are just as capable of maintaining civilization as white men. Can we get it over with and have all the browns, feminists and Jews packed into Oregon to see how that experiment goes? Total disaster, no question about it, no honest person would doubt that. A philosophical woman would be able to understand that and adjust accordingly so we could adjust things so she’d have more freedom overall eventually. With the blank-slate path they’re just on their way to turning the entire country into their failed experiment of social justice. With leftism, women will be back to tending the fire while the men go out to hunt and gather, big gains for feminism there. It doesn’t matter, they’re all in it for themselves too much to see the broader picture. When they say “BLM” all they’re really saying is a lot more self-centered than it seems on the surface- they’re saying “women and everyone born to be unequal and uncreative matter, and especially women since I am one” – ah you have a name like Ashley or Susan, and you just happen to fight for women’s equal rights without any thought of the consequences? You’re not exactly philosophically attractive. You can be a 10/10 in appearance and your soul will still seem rotten to me.

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