Finding some clues to explain the idea at the end of this post.

It’s called entoptic phenomena.

zemes, acansáncou, and utupë, what are these?? Reading a book now by Giraldo-Herrera who claims that shamanic “spirits” aren’t spirits at all, that is just a false understanding imposed by Christians trying to convert them. They can see the inner-world, they can see cells, they can see DNA, they’re like proto-nanobots!

Know who else knew about this stuff?

What is this?

Hear me out now, maybe those squiggles we can see are those “dancing” entities mentioned above and they’re too blurry to perceive with normal vision. Angels on the head of a pin – maybe that’s where the Medieval theologians got that from?

Maybe diseases really are demons?

Who’s to say serotonin allows us to perceive the truest reality?

Platonists often use the example of “the idea of the table” or “the form of the chair”, what about the realm of the forms of animals?

What are these “zemes”? Can scientists learn anything from them today?


If it’s, or rather, they’re … uh, “dancing” at the nano level, I don’t know what to tell you.

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