I’m like a 3D-printer except anything you throw at me I’ll turn into the most racist, toxic thing possible. For instance- “It’s time to call in the shamans to find a cure for COVID!” That’s one of the left’s more glaring hypocrisies, they’ll always unthinkingly defer to Western medicine no matter how racist the implications are. If you juxtapose medicine with other fields you can probably readily think of a scenario where they’ll take up a 100% relativistic viewpoint. Not even relativistic, it’s more than that and not often articulated- I heard it from a radio talkshow host out of NYC during the height of those riots- something to the effect of “We shouldn’t just treat them as equals, we should treat them as better than us.” Now apply that to the context of shamanism and medicine. Cognitive dissonance, a major case, not like they give any credence to right-wing psychology, might as well be that primitive shamanism of those South Americ–whoops never mind.

It’s similar to the idea of me praising Doudna though. You know I’m not the kind of person who is going to be sugar-coating other cultures, beautifying them beyond what they are in reality. So when I wonder about the merits of shamanism, I’m not beholding savages and scratching my arm and saying There might be something there! Look here, Christian brother. Can’t say the same when leftists say some brown actress or something is talented, you just know they’re creating a deception for the sake of social justice. When an extreme racist takes something like shamanism seriously you know there must be something there. Can’t so easily trust a leftist if they were to try to “redeem” it. Anytime a leftist says something positive about POC culture imagine what they would say if asked “So what don’t you like about it though?” Scroll through their timelines, you’ll find not a single negative sentiment about these people who have so many animal qualities, very conspicuous. Anyway, when your grandpa gets COVID, insist on taking a roadtrip down into Mexico to see a witchdoctor to prove how not racist you are you hypocrites.

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