There are some things about Jews I can see that most others don’t. You can write that off as a Nazi doing Nazi things or not, a Nazi-Jewess doesn’t sound so bad actually – hopefully no female Jews tell you their real opinion about that. What’s going on with Weinstein anyway, is he in prison or something, is he living in a luxury-prison, did he escape, who knows?

Anyway, I just try to have a rational conversation with people about certain things I notice, and there was a decision in the 1940s about what we would do with you. Some people alive today who are their descendants even have to shut up about this. We decided that the worst people in Europe should be spared, the Jews.

I don’t expect you to be sympathetic about this. The worst people in Europe, the Jews.

And now, since the world war two and all the Anne Frank propaganda since then we have the idea in the West that the worst people should be spared again, and that is of course the one most resembling a slave, the negro. And that is what our highest religion is about nowadays. Every time someone says black lives matter, what they are really saying is Jew lives matter. The reality is neither of their lives matter because they represent the most murder-worthy species of humanity. Society would be better without either of them here. No one can understand basic math if you go with their plan. Jews will say, “Basic math? Who cares?” There’s no point in reasoning with them. If all of them were murdered, society would be better overall. This is an absolute truth. Every last Jew and Nigger, dead. Better society.

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