Why Sartre WHY

“That’s right, fire with both eyes closed.”

Might as well be using civilization itself as a live-target here.

All the man cared about was increasing freedom and responsibility in the world, looks like that backfired.

Just had to use the word “place” there, of all innocent words to use. It doesn’t matter how marginal of a figure she is in the history of philosophy though if she gave the green light to half the world’s population to be “free” using the most elaborate rationalizations known at the time- this isn’t a normal lady, if you weren’t aware (you don’t have to be aware of that, you’re still living in a Beauvoirian century nonetheless). Possible way to hack’em with this concept

The antiversity still needs a thoroughgoing genealogy of feminism, no better place to start than with her, and by virtue of that Sartre, thus Heidegger, thus—alright this isn’t a weekend project.

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