Plus this

Equals the dating of the future

Stegosaurus cows for the beef, cheese from milk modified to be amphetaminic, spicy tomatoes, ahh it’s all starting to make sense now, I’ve just been trying to set up the groundwork for a taco date all this time. Conversation absolutely free from PC-culture- wouldn’t you designate that as a requirement for a good date? Eh that’s a rare requirement actually, usually the opposite, paying lip-service to feminism and all the rest to get into your pants. What makes the world turn to more of a degree than one tends to like to think about. Hell, let’s dig up de Beauvoir to figure out how to replicate her IQ, then modify it to avoid all the pitfalls that initial human experiment was evidently necessary to learn from.

The theme song of the women who have been reading my posts forever and have never tried to interact with me

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