Yeah right, I’m lucky to get John Hannon replying from time to time (What makes that guy so weird? I have one or two theories–permatripping like me??)

Anyway, I found my first sign that all higher education isn’t doomed, though I’ll have to investigate further.

This is the place that Leo Strauss spent the last few years before his death. Call me a biased fan of his, the above doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Even their freshmen are better educated than 99% of people in control of our country.

Most rigorous in America, that isn’t saying much though. It all hinges on who their faculty is. For instance, you’d want to do research into these people

This looks promising on the surface, and then you have to wonder exactly what kinds of questions they “prime” the students with

For instance I had a Jewess for a class on the Greeks, and she was brilliant, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a careful observer will notice how her hermeneutical mode biases texts so they agree with the surrounding political climate. So all the above could be worse than meaningless, depending on the “tutors”, in fact this strategy could make their teaching style all the more insidious. Like I said, this is still above and beyond anything else I know of in the country.

The advantage of this approach is that even if the tutors aren’t that great, subtler minds will learn to judge their teachers based on the writers of the books they teach rather than the other way around. That’s what I’ve done with Strauss myself, maybe they’ve done the same during the last half century since he died, needs more investigation. Lots of multicultural advert, then you see the reading list and all that and wonder about the exo/eso distinction.

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