I don’t blame people for being boring cowards anymore. Zuckerberg, Jack, and their advertisers deserve at least 80% of the blame, and there’s no reason to be misanthropic because of a few dozen rich guys. The mechanism of control is banning people, and then the remaining ones who aren’t banned beginning to identify with each other, not having anyone to contrast themselves with anymore. So it’s not your fault you’re a boring coward, pussy bitch, however you want to think of it, that’s just a “normal personality” to you now because of the ones in control of the banning process.

So many people hate my guts because they know I’m right about this, and all they can do is rationalize why they’re able to exist on social media- it’s because you’re a pussy bitch, end of story. The ones to blame are Zuckerberg, Jack, and their affiliates who are profiting off making you tame and obsequious, and the West into a third-world country.

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