I’m really enjoying this Marxist reading of the ancient Greek philosophers (“Is this kind of enjoyment the same kind of enjoyment Marxists have reading me” is what I wonder – what is that about anyway, the violent playfulness of enemies?)

These authors interpret Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, i.e. the foundation of philosophy, as unwitting propagandists of the Athenian aristocracy. Makes me wonder if that’s alive today in certain philosophy departments or even internet message boards. The former would hide that that’s what it was, in our climate at least, and I suspect not only in our climate – the mask of dissimulation borders on timelessness though there have probably been ages where they could be explicit about what they are. Notice how, for instance, the titles of those essays from the previous post embody that spirit in this paltry society of ours, and yet it would likely catch you off guard to see an essay with a title like “Philosophy Departments are the Aristocracy of American Society” – they’ll never say that, for reasons you can probably feel just from reading that title. I know I can feel it- “Don’t say that, don’t say that…” I’m just trying to do objective research here. This is why I wish I could have a Marxist gadfly swirling around this blog, because I just don’t understand why anyone would feel antagonistic about the views of the refined gentlemen of Athens being the origin of Western philosophy–oh wait, does that describe Marx too, oops. It seems they’re implying that it would have been better for the farmers and slaves of Athens to have invented philosophy. They’re not too bright, all they’ve known for generations is mindless labor, they’ve never had the time to think. Is that what the basis of philosophy should’ve been? Nonetheless I appreciate the thought-experiment, I wish I could appreciate the experiment like this that’s going on in America today.

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