If anything, from the grotesque displays of those riots and the responses to them, we can learn about these people’s belief-system, so they weren’t all in vain in that sense. Most of our idea about that is limited to the MSM response and their patsy the social media left, and what we can gather is that many of these people feel oppressed in their own way, so they identify with people burning the country down. Something that’s amusing to think about is, the only reason you see their opinions is because they’re too sludge-brained to be in academia. So with the MSM and social media demagogues, we’re working with a people who is too low-IQ to study intricate texts, their domain is the news-article and shitpost, not too bright. The academics are part of their “volk” though, their views just aren’t as immediate to us, one might speculate that they are later in time, they are a rationalization of the demotic-viewpoint, and there’s a feedback-loop between the bigbrains and the detritus that jot down their emotional musings on current events. I’ll try to explain to you for the thousandth time why this is a problem, though at this rate I’m all too convinced you’re simply too stupid to ever understand. If the most oppressed people of society unite together against the ones who can actually think rationally, eventually nothing good is ever going to happen for them, because they’re putting the majority of the thoughtless in control. People like me aren’t out to get you, you’re just unsettled because you can’t have absolute freedom right in this moment. Some of us are working on that for you, and if you continue to push society evermore toward unthinking animality and destruction not enough of us are going to be around to actually help you. “Aboriginal Scientists” – don’t you think that’s a contradiction in terms? What ends up happening is that people who are born with defective minds begin to panic when they realize that’s the kind of person they are, so they think the next best option is to join the brigade against people who actually like schools and hospitals and all that, you know, first world stuff. That’s going away if you continue to let your own insecurity about your inferiority guide you. Schools and hospitals are going away because various groups of people don’t have the integrity to get over their feeling of inferiority for being a savage, house-maid, greedy merchant, etc. If you wanted to escape your condition you wouldn’t be trying to bring about the third-world. Again like I said, most of you are too stupid to realize that. “Maybe if we aligned with the interest of the Mexican children in cages then they’d actually care about US.” If you care so much about yourself at the expense of society overall then I’d like to have YOU thrown in a cage. Women, browns, you name it, they care so much about themselves that they’d rather everyone live in a backward place like Mexico, yeah let’s turn the US into Mexico because you can’t accept that the blank-slate hasn’t cured your stupidity and irrationality, kitchen-maid. Make me a sandwich and maybe I’ll tell you more about what I know regarding the genomic-modification of your future daughters.

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